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School’s out

Posted in Uncategorized by lifesdirection on December 14, 2008

Schools out so I have more time to blog,  a few notes on the tech side, I sold my HP 2133 because the hardware wasnt very good (Linux compatible) and work bought me a Dell D630 which works rather well.

I bought instead of an HP 2133, an Acer Aspire One which is a far better Linux PC tha tthe mini-note, the hardware is based on Atom and is all intel so I was able to successfully install Ubuntu Netbook Remix.  I will spare you the details just click the link.

I honestly think every netbook should come with this software an many people that have the compatible hardware are running this on their MPCs.  If you own an Acer Aspire one you can read the HOWTO guide here.  I was able to get my Aspire One for 250, it was sort of used as it was the staples demo model.

The HP 2133 is a good windows machine, to be honest, I  really miss the keyboard and wonderfull display (high resolution), if you are looking for a Linux netbook get the HP 1000.

More to come a little later, Paul is here think we are gonna do some geeking on opensolaris.


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