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My [new, old] Powerbook G4 15″

Posted in Uncategorized by lifesdirection on January 2, 2008
(below) Monitoring the installation proccess of ubuntu linux on my powerbook.


Powerbook Specifications:

1.25 Ghz G4 Proccessor
15″ LCD (1280×854 native resolution)
80GB Hard Drive
OS X 10.4 & Ubuntu Linux 7.10 – Operatig Systems

    Well after much research on Powerbook G4 laptops I was able to restore a PB G4 15″ to working order. Now I can concentrate on more important things like blogging with my geeking time. The unit is a 1.25Ghz laptop with a 15″ LCD and currently 2GB of Ram. I am hoping that the machine will at least be able to stand up until or even through my (MIS) Program that I will bepossibly starting in about a year and a half.

    Putting away my PC’s

    I have been an PC advocate for a long long time and I am starting to realize that the reason Apple Computers are so expensive is because the hardware is better. I have comming into contact with more users that have had their Apple hardware last many years without giving them much grief. I have a few friends that have had their apple hardware last them 7+ years, the hardware has actually stood up until it was no longer supported by apple.

    Secondly, what is the fastest Windows Vista laptop when it came out? You guessed it, a MacBook Pro. This is a testament to the quality of hardware seeing as it was never Apple computers intention to build a windows PC but because the MacBook Pro will run windows it was included in many tests, this goes to show that their standard of hardware is alot higher than their competition.

    Because I can still Geek on a mac

    I had reasonable pleasurable experience setting up AMP platform as well as FreeRadius and OpenLDAP from source when I was activley developing on the OS X platform. Because OS X is fully UNIX certified and they seemed to have gotten rid of the horrid NeXT configuration database it looks like I’m totally sold.

    Why a mac?

    Macs seem to be just easy to use. What I mean by this is that they are very efficient and streamlined in design. Programs are very task-oriented as well.

    I just want it to work!

    I found myself tinkering a whole lot with my PCs trying to get them to do things and waiting as Windows crashed, failed flakey hardware issues etc… this mainly came as a result of always trying to get an optimal setup working, always seeing what combination of hardware worked well, getting PCs running for other people as well as the fact that I couldn’t say no. If a friend had a problem with their PC I would often replace the part with one of my own and then take the old one or replace the peice in my computer with a used old flakey part.

    This Powerbook is great because it will also allow me to run Linux (which in many ways is superior to OS X, because of its ‘openness’).

    I will be posting instructions shortly on getting Ubuntu Linux up and running on this computer.


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    1. Scott said, on January 7, 2008 at 8:19 pm

      rahim, glad to see you geek it out on your blog too. I understood very little of what I just read, except that you have crossed over into the light and are now sharing the gospel of the macintosh. Welcome, my friend.

    2. lifesdirection said, on January 7, 2008 at 9:36 pm

      Hi Scott,

      Thanks for the props :), glad to see that you are still alive and well. I always love hearing to hear from you. Hope that it is well with your soul these days.


      btw, there is a really really geeky post that will be coming up soon 🙂 I will be preaching on the gospel of Macintosh and Linux!


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