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Personal reflections on Christmas

Posted in Uncategorized by lifesdirection on December 20, 2007

Sorry for the long space in between posts, life has been busy with work and other circumstances that have demanded more sleep that what I usually need so extra-curricular computing has been down to a minimal

I have been reflecting these past weeks on Christmas and what it means to me. There are a few thoughts I would like to share:

Tradition and Circumstance

As I was raised in an Ismaili muslim home, I have had the wonderful oppurtunity to be very objective when deciding what Christmas really is to me personally. Growing up we did celebrate Christmas but in the confines of the Qu’ran (Jesus was a prophet, we would celebrate his birth). My mother being a catholic convert to Islam did stick with some of her family traditions as well as my aunt’s and uncles of presents. I always remembered as well the parcels my wonderful grand-parents would send me.

thenativity1.jpgWhen I was single I enjoyed a minimalistic Christmas, I would lite some candles and remember and reflect upon the word becoming flesh, God ‘moving into the neighborhood’ as it were. I was able to do this with relatively little baggage, I did not have huge family traditions in the way (just some fond memories), I didn’t feel the need to have a Christmas Tree and lots of decorations and lots of Christmas ‘stuff’. That is not to say that sometimes these things are not fun, I just enjoyed my minimalistic Christmas.

Well… Let me tell you… I’m not single anymore. That is not to say that I don’t enjoy Christmas anymore, far from it, my wife and I have been reflecting on what Christmas traditions we might indulge ourselves in. I have had to walk through in my mind a-fresh what Christmas is to me, how I would like observe, no, how I would like to take part in the birth of Christ (Christianity after all is not a spectator sport you know, not like watching people shop on Christmas eve, now there is a spectator sport!). I still gravitate naturally to a minimalistic Christmas, I can make some compromise for a pagan tree, and possibly redeem the whole thing back to a Christmas tree if I reflect on the lights and the evergreen and the star etc… Personally I would do fine to put out my nativity set (Thanks Flora! (I think)) on the coffee table and sit down with a cup of coffee and spend some time with Dad.

I think I am learning to be a little more open minded, alot of what we know as ‘christmas ‘ has nothing to do with Christ at all however, things can be redeemed and used, used for the inward journey, my journey, your journey, to Behtlahem.

Spend some time in the Journey this year.

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