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A few utilities for those mac users out there :D (or PC users running OS X)

Posted in -TECH- by lifesdirection on December 2, 2007

utils.jpgI wanted to post some of the utilities that I run on my mac.  I’m also quite an avid Linux user as well so some of these utilities will have Linux ports or alternatives:

Think – Think is an application that I use to simplify my desktop.  It allows me to keep from being distracted by only allowing one or two applications to be visiible on my desktop at the same time. This means things like system notifications, email notifications, dashboard applets running in developer mode etc… Won’t be so distracting.  This utility is good if you spend some intentional time on your Mac as opposed to just ‘browsing and IM’ time (Good for writing papers or programming).

Onyx – This set of utilities to configure and weak your mac allows you to set settings that are not traditionally available via ‘System Preferences’.  While Onyx is not yet available for Panther, if you run Tiger (Which I do on my mac) then give it a whirl, but be carefull, as will all system tweaks you can mess things up, so if you dont know what it is then dont play with it 🙂

Stickies  -Stickies comes with OS X, if you know what a post-it note is well, its a digital post-it note pad.

Virtual Desktop or Spaces –  Virtual Desktop is for Tiger, Spaces comes with Leopard, and no, Apple did not steal the concept of Virtual Desktops from these guys.  Virtual Desktops have been around since Unix and (correct me if I am wrong) first appeared on CDE for Solaris.  Eitherweay they are usefull, they take a bit of getting used to but if you like to switch between applications but dont have a high resolution display, take them for a whirl.

So those are some of the utilities that I gotta have! If you are interested in any of their Windows Counterparts let me know.  I believe I have found alternatives for everything except for Onyx and Think.  Which reminds me, if you find a Think alternative for windows PLEASE let me know (I have to run that OS at work).

Have a blessed Sabbath (even if you don’t take yours on Sunday).


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  1. John Santic said, on December 2, 2007 at 11:35 pm

    thanks for the list Rahim….I think you menitond that Onyx doesn’t work yet with Leopard. One that you should try if you haven’t is Quicksilver. It works in Leopard and I can’t function without it.

    by the way, you are now on my blogroll friend.

  2. lifesdirection said, on December 3, 2007 at 5:22 pm

    Hi John,

    I have tried out quicksilver, Spotlight and Google Desktop (for windows), as well as Deskbar for Gnome.

    I will be responding to your comment in a post comming up!

    Thanks for dropping by!


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