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Posted in -LIFE- by lifesdirection on July 25, 2007

Hi All,

The team has made it to Albania in good shape. We have thus far been playing with Kids and sweating alot, personally I have enjoyed playing soccer as well as being in fellowship with everyone here. Oh and teasing Rebecca is also quite fun.

Shout-outs to the world from the team:

Dave – Can’t find any barber shop, havent been able to shave yet and looking a little scruffy.
Jason – Jason is an Albanian Super hero with a pink cape (the ant slayer)
Jen J – (grins), convulsions and disperate burping
Rebecca – Am I going to survive Tobasco?
Kathi – is sleeping.
Jen – Albania is beatifull, hot and filled with lovely people.
Rahim – My new nickname is ‘Tobasco’.


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  1. Shan said, on July 27, 2007 at 6:04 pm

    hot, eh?

    i know the feeling. the last night train we were one, we sat down in our car, and started dripping immediately. such was the next 12 hours … and drunken bodies hanging around don’t make it any cooler … 🙂

    so glad that you got there safe and that you are able to enjoy this adventure together. i didn’t realize jen and jay were with you … that is ever so cool. enjoy this trip friends, we love you.

    darick had a dream about you. he couldn’t remember what it was about, so i have decided that it was about you moving to PR and chillin’ with us. and it was God speaking.

    this internet cafe is full of hot sweaty bodies. this seems to be my theme.

    oh canada, we’re coming home 🙂

    love you, shan and darick

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